LaTeX4Web 1.4 OUTPUT My name is Sílvia Casacuberta Puig and I am from Barcelona (Spain), although I am currently studying at Harvard University (USA), where I plan to concentrate in Mathematics. I created this webpage while I was a high school student at Aula Escola Europea (Barcelona). There I studied for the International Baccalaureate Diploma focusing on Mathematics and Physics thanks to the CiMs-CELLEX sponsorships for high school studies in Mathematics and science. This website is the result of three different projects that I carried out during my last year of high school: firstly, a work about p-adic numbers focusing on the applications for the factorial function. Secondly, a work about the distribution of primitive roots. These two last projects have been tutorized by my math teacher Xavier Taixés. Finally, a work about the divisibility on binomial coefficients, which has been tutorized by Oscar Mickelin, a graduate student at the Mathematics Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This last project has been possible due to the Joves i Ciència program by Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera. They sponsored my summer experience at the Research Science Institute offered by the Center for Excellence in Education at MIT. I would like to acknowledge all of them for allowing me to do research in math. I would also like to thank Dr. John Rickert, from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and Óscar Rivero, from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, for their remarks on the projects. I am also very grateful to my family and especially to my father, who taught me the beauty of math. Here you can find the links to the webpages of these institutions:
LaTeX4Web 1.4 OUTPUT Here you can find the talks I have given about my project in Catalan, Spanish and English. I also attach a link to my full work (Open problems with factorials), a link to a paper I posted in the arXiv with one of the main results of my work on p-adic numbers, and finally the article version of the divisibility of binomial coefficients which is also posted in the arXiv.


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